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No such thing as a foolish question

Q.While we were staying in a motel during vacation, our very bright, seven-year-old son, whom we adopted from Guatemala, carefully observed the people working there. Then he asked, "Why do all the people who do cleaning in the hotel and restaurants and the yards talk Spanish?" I told him, "Many come from Mexico and they can't earn enough money there, so they come here to find work. Since they can't talk English, they take any jobs they can find, and those often are cleaning jobs other people don't want." I also told him that most of them work very hard and try to get better jobs later, and they work to help their children get educations and do better in life. Our son liked that. 

Ans. Thanks for sharing that. Another day you might tell your bright boy that there's no such thing as demeaning work as long as you keep your dignity. You might also emphasize that immigrants from countries other than Mexico often have that same experience. (There's also no such thing as a foolish question, only people too foolish to ask it.)

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