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Swallow pride, take new opportunity

Q.  I'm 63 and lost the job I'd had for 20 years with a major bank. I am working in a family business but the loss of income and more importantly, self esteem, has been devastating. I take medication for depression and somehow am carrying on because my family depends upon me. Recently a close friend died of a sudden heart attack. He owned a very successful limousine business in our upscale area, and his widow is trying to keep the business going. She's temporarily using her husband's brother as her driver and asked me to work with her. I could use the money and would love to get out of my current job with relatives. The problem is she wants me to drive the limo most of the time and, after being a white collar professional so many years, I don't know if I can put on a cap, open doors and carry luggage for my neighbors. What do I do?

Ans. Change your view of this opportunity. Think of terms of learning the business bottom up while you move into management, which the widow seems to want you to do. There is no demeaning work, only people who consider it so. Do the job with pride, and make the point to people you serve that you are a former banker, one more victim of the recession ,who has the guts and motivation to do anything to begin again. Consider this a wonderful challenge and a door that has opened to a better future. If you are busy, and thinking positively, you'll take less of those pills. There are more people than you know in that affluent community sitting at home about to lose their homes because they don't have this kind of offer.


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