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Job Hunting During Holiday Season

There's always a strong temptation to believe people who tell you to stop job hinging during the holiday season. But since that season seems to begin with Halloween now, how can you consider losing so much time?

Also, those people are wrong. Holiday season may even be a better time to land that job. According to Catherine Jewell, author of "New Resume New Career" (Alpha Books,  $16.95). She believes job seekers who keep at it are even more likely to be hired during the holiday season. Here are some of her reasons why:
There is less competition. Lots of fellow job seekers are laying off during the last 60 days of the year. If job seekers stick with it, they'll make a great impression and have less competition.
HR Managers have year-end deadlines, too. The new year brings a new budget. Toward the end of the fiscal year, hiring managers may have a number of new positions to fill. They will be evaluated on whether they get the job done.
Holiday activities often put managers in a more receptive mood. When people are focused on family and fun through the holidays, they often are more open and receptive to conversation - even from job seekers.
Holiday events are a natural networking environment. Professional associations often have free holiday events. Job seekers should be sure to take advantage of parties given by associations, chambers and clubs that are of interest.
Holiday greetings by mail, email, and telephone keep you connected. People searching for jobs should harness the spirit of the season to amp up gratitude. Thank former clients, vendors, and coworkers. Thank bosses and mentors. Thank everyone who has helped. 
The holiday lull is the perfect time to polish and refine resumes. Job hunters can use holiday time to create or polish their resumes, making sure resumes contain the same key words used in the job descriptions.


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