Ask Dr. Job’s chief contributor, Sandra Pesmen, is a member of the Chicago Journalism Hall of Fame and author of “DR. JOB’s Complete Career Guide.”

Winner of several journalism awards, Pesmen is a graduate of the University of Illinois Media College at Urbana, and is listed in several Who’s Who editions. She also has been Corporate Features Editor of Crain Communications Inc., founding Features Editor of Crain’s Chicago Business and a reporter/features writer for The Chicago Daily News.

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Handling Boss from Hell

Q.I have a boss from hell. He behaves badly to everyone, especially me. I feel belittled and betrayed all the time, but I need this job and I don't know what to do about it. Any ideas?

Ans. If you put up with it you'll start to believe you actually deserve that treatment and you are better than that. Everyone is. Donald J. Hurzeler, author of The Way Up: How to Keep Your Career Moving in the Right Direction, says that if a boss is physically, mentally or sexually harassing you do not put up with it. Turn him in. Talk to a lawyer. Quit if no one in the company steps in to remedy the situation. The longer you stay and take it, the more you begin to feel that's acceptable and you become a victim. Don't do it.

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