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Help Grandson See Reality

Q.1 My grandson graduated from a good university with an accounting degree and was offered a job with a CPA firm in a distant suburb. Since it is entry level, it doesn't pay much, but it is a foot in the door to a company and a career. He came home and told the family it would require him to rent an apartment in that suburb, and he didn't think it paid enough for him, so he turned it down and is living at home with no job at all. Am I in any position to tell him he should have grabbed that job and kissed the ring of the person that offered it to him? I went through the depression and know what a big mistake he just made, but he was raised in the best of times and although his parents are struggling now, he has no clue what real poverty is. Do I tell him what I think?

Ans. Grandparents don't get to do that. But you are in a position to state your case to his parents (if those poor souls haven't figured out the same thing by now.) You also can advise them to start tightening their own purse strings where their son is concerned. If they tell him they expect chores done until he can pay rent to THEM, and if they don't give him special food (as they probably do), and if they don't give him spending money, he may be motivated to get any kind of job to pay for gas in his car. If he has to do that, and bag groceries in the supermarket a while, he'll be more inspired by that kind of offer.

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