Ask Dr. Job’s chief contributor, Sandra Pesmen, is a member of the Chicago Journalism Hall of Fame and author of “DR. JOB’s Complete Career Guide.”

Winner of several journalism awards, Pesmen is a graduate of the University of Illinois Media College at Urbana, and is listed in several Who’s Who editions. She also has been Corporate Features Editor of Crain Communications Inc., founding Features Editor of Crain’s Chicago Business and a reporter/features writer for The Chicago Daily News.

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Manage Email, Gadgets

Career News Service -If you think you can't survive without checking your Ipad, Smart phone, and email every two minutes, think again.

It's possible you'd be considered an effective worker, if you:
* Never looked at your email first thing in the morning? 
* Turned off all your gadgets for specifics hours in a day? 
* Waited at least 15 minutes before responding to an email? 
* Took all your digital information and put it on a diet?
According to Stefania Lucchetti, author of The Principle of Relevance: The Essential Strategy to Navigate Through the Information Age, these very things will actually make you more of an effective worker. And she probably can take her word for it. Lucchetti practiced corporate law more than 10 years working for international law firms and in the in-house legal department of multinational corporations in Europe and in Asia, with a specific focus on the telecoms, IT, media and Internet industries. 

 As working professionals and students, the Information Age is taking over our lives. Instead of helping our jobs get done, it is actually slowing us down, resulting in poor work performance.  Lucchetti explains that the difference between success and failure is no longer based on availability of information but rather on the ability to navigate through an overwhelming amount of data and select, access, and use the information that is most relevant.
Lucchetti suggests living by three rules for processing her email:
Rule 1:  Eliminate your "inner efficiency" (getting more things done by doing everything in order).
Rule 2:  Make sure you have collated and understood all the relevant information before responding.
Rule 3:  Wait at least 15 minutes before responding to any email.
Some of Lucchetti's proven methods include:

  • ?                  Making the decision to turn off your gadgets for specific hours in the day.
  • ?                  Never looking at emails first thing in the morning.
  • ?                  Making sure you don't become an information polluter by overloading others with emails.
  • ?                  Take your digital information and put it on a diet.
  • ?                  Use your printer - by reading printed material you aren't distracted by links and continuous online prompts.





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