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Finding Perfect Job

-Everyone wants to find the perfect job, and in today's market most would be thrilled to find ANY job.
But it isn't just a matter of luck that some people are successful and others are not. It takes some luck to be sure, but also several skills that most of us can learn to apply.

Julie Subotsky, author of Consider It Done: Accomplish 228 of Life's Trickiest Tasks, claims it's still a matter of finding what you love to do, and somehow turning that into a career.

When she founded her own company, Consider It Done, a personal concierge and lifestyle management company, more than ten years ago, family and friends told her to "get a real job."  Now the personal concierge industry has flourished, and Subotky was one if its trailblazers.  Through the years, she has accomplished an array of tasks for her busy clients-from planning an after party for Guns n' Roses and organizing charity events for the Mayor's office, to concocting the ultimate hangover cure and installing an ice skating rink in someone's basement.  For Subotky, no client task is too big or too small.
Following are some tips she includes in her book:
*          TALK TO THE "JOB GENIE": Getting in touch with what you want to be doing is the first step to finding your ideal job.  Imagine you have your own personal "job genie," who can grant you any job you desire and then write down the three things you enjoy most doing in life.  Ask yourself if any jobs exist that involve doing one or more of the things on the list.  For instance, if you enjoy cooking, reading, and spending time with your kids then one ideal job might be to start your own catering company while another career opportunity could be as a cookbook reviewer. Once you see your desires and goals in writing, you're ready to start your search and contemplate your other options for finding the perfect job.
*          CONSIDER THE GREEN: Money is an obvious factor when pursuing the perfect job.  If you're someone who says salary is just not a factor at all, good for you.  But for most people, money is a factor so you must ask yourself just how much money you need to earn to cover your major expenses and the perks you most enjoy.  In other words, how much money do you wish to make (given your financial situation) while doing what you love.   Once you review your budget and come up with a salary goal this figure will help you fine-tune your job search.
*         KNOW THE SCHEDULE THAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU: Maybe you want to work the night shift so you can surf all day.  Or maybe you wish to work outside, in a public setting, or from your home.  Knowing this will enable you to choose a profession that is in line with what brings you joy and will ultimately bring you career bliss.
*          ASSESS YOUR TRUE QUALIFICATIONS: Just because a little boy dreams of being an astronaut doesn't mean he'll land a job at NASA.  Be realistic about whether you're qualified to do what you want to do, and if you aren't, no worries, just figure out what you need to do to get there. 
*          LEARN SOMETHING: Maybe you need to take classes or work your way up the ladder to your ideal job.  Or, if you dream of starting your own business, maybe you need to invest in special training and hire the right people to help you reach your goals.  Recognize your gifts and talents and outsource or learn what you don't know.
*          BE OPEN TO NEW POSSIBILITIES: If the "job genie" didn't help you identify your dream career, consider taking an online job assessment, such as the one at to see if any new and exciting prospects pique your interest.  You may find that you're well suited for a line of work that you've never heard of before.
*          And finally, REMEMBER THAT IT'S ALWAYS THE RIGHT TIME TO MAKE A CAREER CHANGE AND DO WHAT YOU LOVE: The perfect job is absolutely attainable and worth doing whatever it takes.


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