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IT Job Help for GIs

Recent reports tell us veterans are having even more difficulty than others in finding work, often because they don't know how or where to look, and also because many of them don't know how to appear and behave in interviews.

But CompTIA, the non-profit association for the information technology (IT) industry, has come to their rescue by issuing a call for employers across the country to join the Troops to Tech Careers by hiring United States military veterans to fill their IT staff needs.
CompTIA is building a new corporate registry of employers that have pledged to hire qualified veterans or their spouses. The registry will give veterans easy access to a comprehensive list of IT job openings across the country.

"The corporate registry is intended for companies that already actively recruit America's veterans, and employers interested in starting a recruitment program," said Todd Thibodeaux, president and chief executive officer, CompTIA. "The new registry, along with existing resources on IT training and certification options, will provide veterans with all the tools they need to join the IT workforce."

Troops to Tech Careers is designed to ease the transition from military to civilian life by providing a pathway to successful careers in IT through education, training, credentialing and employment. The program was launched in August in response to the growing number of military personnel leaving the armed forces. Between 2011 and 2016, more than one million service members are expected to return from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to seek employment outside the military. That's in addition to the estimated one million veterans who are currently unemployed.

CompTIA is working with New Horizons Computer Learning Centers and the Department of Labor's One Stop Career Centers on pilot programs in 33 cities across 17 states. This combined public-private effort ensures that any returning veteran with the aptitude and interest in a technical IT career will receive the training, credentialing and job placement assistance needed to join the IT workforce.
Veterans are given an initial aptitude and skills assessment before being directed to the IT education and training options appropriate for their interests and skill sets. As part of the training, veterans are prepared to take the exams to earn CompTIA IT skills certifications, the recognized industry standards for a broad range of technology skills.

The final step involves helping veterans streamline their search for IT career opportunities, through the use of CompTIA's new corporate registry and other employment resources available from the One Stop Centers, training providers and career websites.

Employers interested in joining the Troops to Tech Careers campaign and enrolling in the corporate registry can visit the Troops to Tech Careers Corporate Partners web page. ###

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