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You Have Control Over Job

IF YOU FEEL WIPED OUT at the office, and believe you have no control over improving your status or getting promotions-stop right there.

You DO have control over the one person who can make all that change: YOU!

And Dr. Alex Lickerman, assistant vice president for student health and counseling at the University of Chicago shows you how in his new book The Undefeated Mind.

One of his most important themes is that while the ability to control what happens in life may be limited, you DO have the capacity to establish a life that surmounts the suffering life brings. And that's called "resilience" -which is not something only a few lucky people are born with, but a trait that everyone can take action-steps to develop.

So what are those magic steps? Not magic at all, claims Dr. Lickerman, and here are some that are further explained in his book.

1. Find Your Mission: Identify a personal mission; create a sense of purpose and commit to it.
2. Make a Vow: Resolve to soldier on, identify obstacles and overcome barriers. Avoid distractions and persist.
3. Stand Alone: Avoid the need to please.
4. Appreciate the Good: Find gratitude when it comes your way, maintain it and offer it to others.
5. Encourage Others: Show compassion, don't judge, but understand co-workers and help them whenever you can. That's the power of encouragement.
6. Muster Your Courage: Overcome your fears, and improve your sense of self.



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