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Apply for Denny's New Scholarship Program:Fight Hunger

Everyone wants to fight childhood hunger, and Denny's restaurant chain has launched an initiative to award scholarships to young people who want to actually do it. 

And Versaic, a program management company, is working with Denny's to provide the corporate social responsibility and sponsorship management software to help students  apply for them.
 Called Hungry for Education, Denny's scholarship program is open to high school and college students and will use a Versaic-powered customized portal that collects information from applicants including essays about how Denny's can help put an end to hunger in their communities. 

Students may apply to the program by visiting and submitting the required information. The Versaic corporate social responsibility and sponsorship management system will enable the Denny's team to manage the entire community scholarship process, from application submission and review to selecting the scholarship recipients.

"One of the most gratifying things we get to do is root for our clients when they launch programs that truly make a difference," said Burt Cummings, CEO of Versaic. "By using our platform, Denny's is letting Versaic play a small part in their push to tackle a huge problem, childhood hunger. We're delighted to be on the Denny's team."

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