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ASK DR.JOB Q AND A: Gifts for Bad Boss?

(Q.1) ARE THESE PEOPLE NUTS? We have a terrible boss. Everyone hates him but we need our jobs, so on Boss's day everyone except me came to the office bearing gifts for him. Some made cookies, one made fudge, another brought a sweet card, and one of the girls even brought a handkerchief with his initials on it. I turned my back on all of that because I can't bear apple-polishing. He doesn't appreciate it. He doesn't treat us well, and he makes about five times more money than anyone else. Is this holiday really necessary?

(A) IN 1958 A SECRETARY (WHO WORKED FOR HER FATHER) started Boss's day Oct. 10 to let employees show appreciation to him, and later it became a secular holiday nationwide. Millions of workers use it to thank bosses for support, encouragement and guidance. Others don't feel that's necessary and react as you do. A middle road is the best choice unless you would like to look for another job. You don't have to make fudge, but you can add a simple card to the gift pile that says "Happy Boss's Day.

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