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Boss Isn't Nuts--Get Flu Shot!

Q.2) EVERY YEAR MY NUTTY BOSS insisted that everyone in the office get a flu shot. Our insurance pays for it but I don't like taking poisons into my body, and I've never had flu even though I've avoided taking the shot for four years. I take vitamins and eat healthy food. Should I tell him how I feel and can I sue him for invasion of privacy or something?

(A) YOUR BOSS ISN'T NUTS. Probably the reason you haven't caught the flu in the last four years is because everyone else in the place had the shot and wasn't spreading the germs. Go see HR and tell them it's against your beliefs to take the shots and they probably will make some kind of dispensation for you. It's definitely not worth starting legal proceedings-especially at this time when jobs are so hard to get and keep.

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