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Think Before 'Walling Off' Co. Exec

Q.4 WE HAVE A LOVELY HOME in an upscale subdivision and at first were pleased that one of my company's top executives chose to buy one on the lot behind ours. We have waved politely across the yards, yet stay a careful distance. Last month we came home from vacation and found an ugly concrete wall erected across our lot line, blocking our view of any bushes or gardens on the other side. Since his house is elevated, his view remains lovely. We checked with village hall and found he received a permit to remove bushes to erect the wall, but applied for no permit to build the wall-which he must have. I know it will cause discomfort at the office if I lodge a complaint, but legally I am in a position to do so. I hate confrontation. What to do?

(A) IT DEPENDS UPON HOW MUCH THAT WALL REALLY disturbs you. You must decide if it is worth the attitudes that will absolutely result from a confrontation and/or the demand that he bring it down. It will mean being prepared to get another job if it goes the wrong way. On the other hand, this is America and you have every right to stand up for your rights-and a view that's  "forever open clear and free" (to quote Architect Daniel Burnham) is your right. Since the risk is yours, so is the decision.

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