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BPW Foundation Mentors Service Wives, Moms

There is no way to ease the grief of wives, mothers and other women who lost a loved one in the service 

But the Business and Professional Women's (BPW) Foundation is trying to at least help. It is partnering with the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS)  to provide career mentoring and resources to military widows, surviving sisters, surviving mothers and other women who have lost a loved one serving in the Armed Forces.  
Through BPW Foundation's Joining Forces Mentoring Plus Program, JFMPP, family members will have access to its no-cost national mentoring program. The program uses both one-on-one contact and a sophisticated online platform of resources for this deserving cohort of women. Mentorship's and resources extend beyond job attainment to support job retention and career advancement.

"In addition to their grief, these women now face the difficult challenge of rebuilding their lives.  Having the option of a meaningful, sustainable career is often key to this effort," said BPW Foundation CEO Deborah Frett. " Joining Forces Mentoring Plus provides access to free mentoring provided by volunteer working women, Subject Matter Experts for special needs, and a vast number of state-of-the-art career resources through our Internet platform
"And our unique benefit of Working Women Helping Women Work(r) provides these female military spouses/family members with a truly understanding helping hand," Frett added. The program offers tailored mentoring to assist career development.
Bonnie Carroll, military widow and TAPS founder said that career mentoring is often very helpful for women grieving the loss of a loved one who served in the Armed Forces. "Families of our fallen troops often change career courses completely following the death of their loved one. They have to build a new life after the deaths of their loved ones and many have to find a new direction in life. Having such a caring and supportive mentoring program available will be an invaluable resource for the families left behind by our fallen troops."
If you are a surviving spouse, mother, daughter, sister, or other who has lost a loved one serving in our Armed Forces, you may get involved by visiting or contacting 

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