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Don't Hide Medical News--It Gets Out

Q.2 AFTER WORKING HERE 20 years and rising to mid-executive level, I just learned I have a debilitating disease that doesn't show yet, but it will in a few years. It will then grow progressively worse and I don't know how to handle it here. Do I go to HR and tell them right away? Do I try and hide it as long as possible? Must I tell my boss so she can consider lessoning my responsibilities as I get worse or just fire me? I'm so confused. I am joining a support group for this disease but I don't think that will help my specific situation.

A. YOUR SUPPORT GROUP SHOULD BE a tremendous help with this and other problems concerning your disease. This can happen to anyone so try and limit your anxieties, and confide in others who will support you.  A Little<TMI: A Real-Life Story a memoir by Joseph H. Easley (see tells how Easley received a diagnosis of ALS and had to face co-workers as his body began to fail. One told the boss he suspected Easley was drunk. when he slurred his words. He overcame this problem by telling everyone he now meets that he recently was diagnosed with a neurological problem. You may start by trying that.

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