Ask Dr. Job’s chief contributor, Sandra Pesmen, is a member of the Chicago Journalism Hall of Fame and author of “DR. JOB’s Complete Career Guide.”

Winner of several journalism awards, Pesmen is a graduate of the University of Illinois Media College at Urbana, and is listed in several Who’s Who editions. She also has been Corporate Features Editor of Crain Communications Inc., founding Features Editor of Crain’s Chicago Business and a reporter/features writer for The Chicago Daily News.

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Grab Reins, Gallop Ahead

Q.1 EVERYONE SAYS THE WORKPLACE has changed, giving women equal opportunities. But it's not happening for me. I do every assignment as well or better than men, usually in less time, and they get promoted while I don't. I know they form closer bonds with managers because they go out together and to the gym to work out. I'm left to sit here doing the best work. How do I buck that?

A.IF YOU CAN'T GO TO THE GYM WITH men, start playing other games they play. Find someone in the company (man or woman) who understands its rules and has power to promote, and develop business relationships that can lead to his or her mentoring you. Also start playing to win. You seem to have confidence in your ability; so don't keep it a secret. Write a memo each time you finish a project, showing what you have done especially well and quickly. Stress ways that will impact the company to bring in more profits and/or better service. Send a copy to your boss, and every other executive that influences your future. Follow up with a greeting in the hall to each of those people, remarking about that project so they will notice the work you are continuing to do. Bring copies of the memos to your annual review say you are working toward advancement and ask when you may look forward to a promotion. If you never ask they will assume you are happy.

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