Ask Dr. Job’s chief contributor, Sandra Pesmen, is a member of the Chicago Journalism Hall of Fame and author of “DR. JOB’s Complete Career Guide.”

Winner of several journalism awards, Pesmen is a graduate of the University of Illinois Media College at Urbana, and is listed in several Who’s Who editions. She also has been Corporate Features Editor of Crain Communications Inc., founding Features Editor of Crain’s Chicago Business and a reporter/features writer for The Chicago Daily News.

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Job Coaching "Live" Online Gains Favor

FOR DECADES, JOB SEEKERS have been counseled to practice answering 10 or more questions about their job skills and aspirations the night before a key interview, in order to put their best face, and thoughts, forward.

Probem is, problem was, even with all the earnest efforts, the candidates basically were interviewing themselves.

Today, going a few steps further than initial interview questions Paul Tieger, author of the best-selling career guide, Do What You Are, is steering people to new jobs (or at least to new job interviews) via a new Web-based program,

Known as a leading figure in right-fit job selection via personality typing, Tieger leads a counseling session of sorts in which job candidates learn to:
* Identify your innate personality type via short, probing questions
* Discover your key career satisfiers
* Learn to transfer your best skills to your No. 1 job
* Relax and ‘ace’ your interview sessions
* Design your personal job search GPS of sorts; make  map of targeted jobs

While the program is not inexpensive at $149.00, it simulates a face-to-face coaching session and includes a 30-minute career counseling session with a job coach who is well versed in Tieger’s books and his philosophies. It’s a web-based coaching program that
“goes live” toward the end.

Upon completion, seekers receive a customized search plan (based on personality type) and a list of target careers and jobs, with tips on procuring the all-important first interviews.

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