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Q.1.  I’M NOT BY NATURE a complainer. But while I like my job as a design director a lot—for a decent-sized agency—I’m feeling my colleagues are taking advantage of me. Problem is nearly everybody I work with wants me to “just have a look” at their home business Web Site; or help them set up their wedding Sites; or "help" their friend, who’s setting up an "epic" new home brewing company, and “just needs a little help with his Site.” I’m tapped out and have only been on the job for seven months. How can I (politely) decline to help those who trust my eye without seeming uppity or cold?

A. YOU CAN OFFER UP a “little” time, meaning you can help for free for an hour, say, but then mention light-heartedly that a fee kicks in after that. Or mention that  that your student loan officer all-but-requires that you charge $50-$100 an hour when consulting. Plus, it would help if you made contact with a graduate student (from your college or a local university) to whom you could make referrals, as you’ve heard this friend, “only charges $25 or $40/hr.” Do your coworkers expect mechanics to work on their cars for free?

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