Ask Dr. Job’s chief contributor, Sandra Pesmen, is a member of the Chicago Journalism Hall of Fame and author of “DR. JOB’s Complete Career Guide.”

Winner of several journalism awards, Pesmen is a graduate of the University of Illinois Media College at Urbana, and is listed in several Who’s Who editions. She also has been Corporate Features Editor of Crain Communications Inc., founding Features Editor of Crain’s Chicago Business and a reporter/features writer for The Chicago Daily News.

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Improve Life with 'Me Time'

Everyone wants to improve their lives, and the start of a new year is the best time to do it with the help of Ruth Fishel’s new book, “Time for Me: Daily Practice for a Joyful, Peaceful, Purposeful Life.” It makes the point that change—any change that would be beneficial to make—is always possible, and lays out the process for making the change in a clear, simple way. Nothing is too hard when taken in small bites, a week at a time, she says.

Ruth Fishel acknowledges the letdown feeling people tend to get when they have high hopes for something, and fail to understand or accept that change usually takes time. The purpose of the book is renewal and re-energizing one's self, in order to reach self-actualization and fulfillment. It is designed for a person to go at his own pace, and take everything one week or longer at a time. Highlights from the book include:

• Time for Me is a personal practice book—not a workbook—laid out in a weekly format to be practiced daily. It features a very simple Three-Step Method:

~    Mindfulness: Only by being aware of our thoughts can we change them. ~    Universal Energy: Call it God, spiritual energy, Higher Power, Buddha energy, Allah, whatever you choose to call a Power greater than yourself that you feel connected to. ~    Power of Our Thoughts: Based on our new scientific understanding of neuroplasticity and neuro-pathways, we have the power to change our thoughts and thought patterns.

• Time for Me includes 49 chapters that all begin with the title "Time for”:

~    Time for Peace ~    Time for Authenticity ~    Time for Forgiveness ~    Time for Gratitude ~    Time for Stillness ~    Time for Slowing Down ~    Time for Enlightenment ~    Time for Friendship ~    Time for Change

•Time for Me has Eight Empowering Steps to Change

1. Willingness: Look at "Time for” subject of the week. 2. We can pray for the willingness to make this change to whatever we believe is a power greater than ourselves. 3. We need an intention: An intention is very powerful. It is the energy that takes us to our next step. Once we feel this intention, we can move on. 4. We make our commitment: Our intention comes from our head. Our commitment comes from our heart. 5. We can affirm our commitment: We can create an affirmation such as "It feels so good to know that God is giving me all that I need to be a forgiving person.” 6. An Action Step: The energy of affirmation pushes us to an action step. 7. Practice: The more the action step is practiced, the more it will become natural. 8. Results: Feeling great and change.


And this probably is a good “time for” reading this book! ###

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